As part of the set up process for each MYPAN trial site, all investigators and co-investigators must be trained in the PVAS and PVDI assessment tools.

Please follow the 4 steps below to complete your training.

If you have any queries, please contact the MYPAN trial coordinator on

Step 1
Please click on the links below to download the training presentations for the PVAS and PVDI tools:

 PVAS for MYPAN training presentation

PVDI for MYPAN training presentation

The above training presentations are available with audio commentary upon request. Please e-mail

Step 2
Below is a list of supplementary documents including example cases for PVAS and PVDI. Please click on the links to download, or right click and save to your computer.

PVAS/PVDI Instructions Manual and Case Studies for MYPAN

PVAS Evaluation Form
PVAS Glossary

PVAS Scored Example Cases I-III

PVDI Evaluation Form
PVDI Glossary

PVDI Example I

PVDI Example II
PVDI Example III

Step 3

If you are confident with all of the reference material, please proceed to the first set of homework cases for the PVAS and PVDI tools here:
PVAS cases 1-5

PVDI cases 1-5

Once completed, please scan and e-mail to Pavla Dolezalova on

Step 4

Once Pavla has marked cases 1-5, and a pass has been granted, you may proceed to cases 6-10, available to download here:

PVAS cases 6-10

PVDI cases 6-10

When you have achieved a pass mark for all of the homework cases, you will receive a certificate. This should be filed in your investigator site file.


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